For those planning training sessions or candidates intending to take an online exam during this period, we will be offering online exam sessions on December 27 and 29, as well as January 5, 2024. You can check the link to online exam events here.

Artan Mustafa
Acting Chief Product Officer

Artan is the Acting Chief Product Officer at PECB. He is responsible for planning and executing activities focused on the development of training courses as well as overseeing the training development, quality assurance, translation, eLearning, and eBooks departments. This includes identifying appropriate mechanisms and resources to facilitate processes related to those departments, as well as the successful execution of various projects by providing continuous guidance, support, and reassurance.

Artan has focused his business acumen and talents on operational excellence and systems innovation. Through his diverse experience with private commercial companies in the fields of IT and Management, Artan brings to PECB a significant amount of expertise in project management, business operations, ICT solutions, business process improvement, etc.; ensuring that PECB products not only meet but also exceed customer expectations.

Artan received his Bachelor’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in IT and Management, with a minor in International Relations. He also holds professional credentials in Information Security, Privacy Management, and Anti-bribery.