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Lorika Tahiri
HR Manager

Lorika’s primary responsibilities at PECB encompass talent acquisition, employee relations, compliance, and organizational development. She is responsible for ensuring a positive work environment, implementing HR policies, and facilitating employee growth and development. 

Furthermore, Lorika is dedicated to fostering a workplace environment where talent thrives and organizational success is achieved through the strength of our people. With a passion for both human connection and strategic management, she brings a unique blend of expertise to the role.

Lorika, as an HR professional, boasts nearly 7 years of invaluable experience within the administrative and HR departments. Early on in her career, she had the unique opportunity to work with international companies, allowing her to collaborate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. This exposure has enriched her skill set, fostering a deep understanding of global perspectives and enhancing her ability to navigate the complexities of HR in a multicultural context.

Lorika graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Management and Economics & Statistics, with a minor in International Relations. In addition, Lorika is currently pursuing her MBA studies with a specialization in HR Management at City College Thessaloniki.