For those planning training sessions or candidates intending to take an online exam during this period, we will be offering online exam sessions on December 27 and 29, as well as January 5, 2024. You can check the link to online exam events here.

Juna Gjovari
Team Leader - Online Invigilators

Juna Gjovari is a seasoned and accomplished professional, who holds a distinguished degree in Business Management from Tirana University. With a strong foundation in business principles and effective leadership, she has smoothly transitioned into the role of Online Examination Team Leader, where she adeptly oversees a wide range of critical duties.

In her capacity, Juna brings together her academic prowess and real-world experience to ensure the flawless execution of online examination processes. She skillfully manages the coordination, supervision, and quality assurance of examination sessions, while also upholding adherence to policies and guidelines. Her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and fairness is evident in her meticulous management of security measures.

Juna's role extends beyond mere coordination, she is a pillar of support for the entire team. Her proficiency in communication and technology management allows her to seamlessly handle technical support and provide guidance to both invigilators and examinees. She takes charge of emergencies with poise, ensuring smooth continuity even in unforeseen circumstances.

In her role as Online Examination Team Leader, she serves as evidence of the smooth integration of business expertise and the complexities of contemporary examination approaches.