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Albana Iseni
Team Leader – Product Marketing

Albana serves as the Team Leader for Product Marketing. In this role, she leads and manages product marketing activities to accelerate growth by effectively communicating product value to customers and driving distribution efforts. 

Albana joined PECB in 2018 as a Training Development Manager, where she developed ISO and best practice-based training courses. She later transitioned to a Product Marketing Manager, where she contributed to expanding PECB's services and products through her expertise in marketing intelligence, including identifying new trends and regulations. Additionally, she successfully managed PECB webinars, raising the company's reputation and increasing the number of loyal attendees. 

Her experience and management skills led to her promotion to the Associate Team Lead for Product Marketing. 

Albana holds a degree in Management and Economics from the Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as professional credentials in Product Marketing and ISO credentials in Information Security and Quality Management.