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Donika Thaqi
Associate Team Leader – PECB Skills

Donika is responsible for managing the activities of the microlearning team, overseeing the entirety of the product development process, developing strategic plans and coordinating efforts to achieve the company’s goals, and everything in between.

She is a thoughtful leader who constantly does the upmost to maximize each member's potential, while also making sure to uphold group unity and produce the desired outcomes through seamless teamwork. Although creating a top quality product in a constantly evolving market is challenging, Donika has demonstrated that she is always up for a challenge and highly adaptable to any situation that arises.

Donika began her career at PECB as a Quality Assurance Manager, where she demonstrated an exceptional attention to detail in her work. After taking a brief hiatus to pursue further education, she returned to PECB as a team leader for Product Development.

She received a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics by Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. In addition to her formal education, Donika holds certifications in Quality management ISO 9001, Information security ISO/IEC 27001, Privacy information management ISO/IEC 27701, and is a Certified Management Systems Auditor (CMSA).