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Enkela Morina
Team Leader – Events and Magazine

As the Team Leader for Events and Magazine, Enkela is in charge of driving growth and innovation, as well as utilizing strategic marketing tactics to increase brand awareness. She is always seeking new ways to stay current and on the cutting edge of marketing trends. Enkela is dedicated to delivering measurable results for the company.

After starting as a Magazine Editor, Enkela transitioned to Events and now supervises both virtual and in-person event organizing and marketing, as well as digital and physical publishing and promotion of the magazines and the department's growth and development.

With prior experience in various industries, including Amazon, Sutherland, and NATO, Enkela has a wide array of skills that she constantly utilizes to further build the PECB brand.

In addition to a BA degree in English Language and Literature, Enkela holds various certifications in specializations such as Events Management, Content Writing, Quality Assurance, SEO Management, as well as in Quality Management with an ISO 9001 LI certification.