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Valon Beqaj
Chief of Staff

Valon has been appointed as the Chief of Staff at PECB, where he is responsible for providing operational support to the CEO and senior management team. In this role, Valon oversees the daily operations of the company, as well as manages and coordinates various projects across all departments. 

With his expertise in customer operations, business development, data analysis, quality assurance, sales, and marketing, Valon is able to provide valuable insights and guidance to the executive team in order to achieve the company's vision of becoming a global benchmark in the certification industry. 

Valon helps to ensure professionalism, ethics, and integrity in all areas of the organization and develops and directs strategies to improve the overall service quality. He leads and coaches his teams in various projects and tasks that bring innovative, efficient, and sustainable results. 

Valon holds an MBA degree from Kent State University as well as a bachelor's degree in Management and Statistics & Economics from the Rochester Institute of Technology.