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Ardian Berisha
Business Development Director for North America

Ardian is a Business Development Director for North America region. He is in charge of managing and overseeing the current operations with existing business partners, while also identifying, evaluating, and pursuing business opportunities with new potential clients and partners from North America.

Ardian joined the PECB Marketing Department in 2016, as a portfolio marketing manager for information security management, where he contributed successfully in the department for over three years. In addition to that, he was also assigned to manage PECB Webinars, where in a short period of time he successfully managed to create a loyal webinar audience, which continues to grow to this day. Before becoming part of the Business Development, Ardian worked as senior product marketing manager for information security, where he further improved his market intelligence and research competencies. 

His experience in market intelligence research and marketing strategies proved to be essential in business development, where his remarkable results paved the way to his promotion to business development associate supervisor. 

Besides having a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) degree in Economics and Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Ardian also holds professional credentials in Information Security, Information Technology, and Quality Management.